Women of the World

This is a series of workshops, which can be taken together as a course or separately. They aim to encourage women to value themselves, value their work, and increase their economic and political engagement.

Women’s Empowerment
This workshop will encourage participants to consider their own worth, to their families, their communities and to society generally. It encourages women to challenge cultural beliefs and value their skills, their work and their contributions to society.

Women and the Economy
This workshop looks at women in the economy, what input we have both inside and outside of the home, and how this interacts with other sectors.  It brings a positive message that we are all valuable to our economy, regardless of what we do in our daily lives.

Equality Budgeting
This workshop seeks to explain how various government policies pertain to women, and to other disadvantaged groups in our society.  It looks at less obvious ways in which the State, by means of welfare and taxation decisions, can improve or disimprove conditions for its citizens. This workshop can be used on its own, or as a continuation from the workshop, Women in the Economy.

Women of the World
This workshop aims to discover ways in which women around the world differ, and to what extent we are the same. It takes a brief look at culture, at religion, at history around the globe, and we look at women’s work on a global scale.  This is ideal for women’s groups, especially for groups with members from diverse ethnicities.