Margaret Sheehan BA. MA.

Training and Consultancy


Margaret has many years of experience as a volunteer, a worker and an activist in the community development sector. During this time she has worked with women, with men, young people and elders, disabled and able-bodied people. She has a comprehensive portfolio of training and educational qualifications. Margaret decided to establish herself as an independent trainer and consultant, with the aim of doing what she feels passionate about.


Women of the World

This is a series of workshops, which can be taken together as a course or separately. They aim to encourage women to value themselves, value their work, and increase their economic and political engagement.

Women’s Empowerment
This workshop will encourage participants to consider their own worth, to their families, their communities and to society generally. It encourages women to challenge cultural beliefs and value their skills, their work and their contributions to society.

Women and the Economy
This workshop looks at women in the economy, what input we have both inside and outside of the home, and how this interacts with other sectors.  It brings a positive message that we are all valuable to our economy, regardless of what we do in our daily lives.

Equality Budgeting
This workshop seeks to explain how various government policies pertain to women, and to other disadvantaged groups in our society.  It looks at less obvious ways in which the State, by means of welfare and taxation decisions, can improve or disimprove conditions for its citizens. This workshop can be used on its own, or as a continuation from the workshop, Women in the Economy.

Women of the World
This workshop aims to discover ways in which women around the world differ, and to what extent we are the same. It takes a brief look at culture, at religion, at history around the globe, and we look at women’s work on a global scale.  This is ideal for women’s groups, especially for groups with members from diverse ethnicities.

New Communities

On 29th Nov 1956, around 60 years ago,  Ireland signed the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. The convention, which has been signed by 145 countries, defined the term “refugee” as well as their rights and the obligations of nations to protect them.

There are currently 65 million displaced people across the globe, the highest ever number, and just a tiny proportion of those people will be coming to Ireland.

This workshop for community groups looks at immigration from an Irish prospective. It explores the way in which we classify people from other countries, and it seeks to challenge stereotypical beliefs.

Workshop Design

Workshops can be designed for specific topics to fit your needs.

Some suggested topics:

Disability Rights
Margaret has studied Disability Equality and Advocacy in conjunction with the Disability Federation of Ireland and  DESSA.
She has a good knowledge of issues experienced by people with impairments, and can design training with this in mind.

Equality in diversity
Margaret can design training around social inclusion issues for LGBT, Traveller and Roma communities  and other communities which experience inequitable outcomes in our society.

If you have a training need and would like me to design a workshop, feel free to contact me for a consultation and quotation.  I can also carry out a post-training review to determine effectiveness and ascertain any further training needs.  


Margaret is available to implement your training programmes. All work is carried out with a community development ethos and at a competitive rate.

If you have identified a training need but do not have a programme prepared, see Workshop Design, or  contact Margaret to see how she may be able to help.

Community Development Consultancy

Do you have an idea for a community project?

Margaret can help with the practical stuff- setting up, sourcing grant aid, insurance, finding a venue, etc.


Groupwork and Facilitation

Do you need an outside facilitator to help with some decision-making, some help with roles and responsibilities of your group, or someone to pull a group together. Please feel free to discuss this with Margaret to see if she can help.